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Thinking of applying to work at ENZE?

We value transparency and honesty. We have outlined to good and the bad to working with us and it's very important to consider both before applying.

About Us

We are a young team excited about perfecting our cakes and changing the way cakes are being made in the industry. Your voice will be heard and your contributions will be valued. We take pride in our work and most importantly, we are dedicated to the craft of baking and decorating the perfect cake.

Shokunin (職人)

Skill, talent and passion is what we aim to achieve and taking pride in excellent work as we have adopted the Japanese craftsmen ideology. To achieve perfection, through precision and process, both of which may take many many years of dedication.

Positions Available: Senior Cake Decorator & Senior Chiffon Baker

The Bad

Yes, we can get very busy so it's not advised to apply if a slower work environment is what you are after.  You will probably have to work weekends and some public holidays. You will probably have to do overtime during special occasions like Mother's Day, Valentine's etc.

It can be very tough physically and emotionally as there's always last minute cakes, cake modifications, cake accident replacements on top of normal orders.

All customer complaints are handled with priority and everyone must participate in providing a resolution regardless of cause. We do not ignore, belittle, or delay handling these issues. You must acknowledge that we are a team and everyone plays a role in creating each cake, therefore, any mistakes must be corrected as a team.

Team unity surpasses any individual skill. Any potential candidates will be continuously evaluated on their ability to work in a team environment even after being offered a position.

Interview failure rate is high. Excellent technical skills required for candidates to pass.

The Good

Your pay will scale with your skill, leadership and experience. We will beat your current wage or salary if offered a position. You may request for personal decorating or baking assistants to assist with your daily tasks (in exchange, you will be expected to train and teach them).

Senior cake decorators will have access to:

  • Quarterly pay reviews, standard annual leave, super etc.
  • Request personal artisanal tools and equipment after passing probation.
  • No closing. No opening. No general cleaning (other than your own station & equipment).
  • Early marks on completion of daily tasks on Tuesday-Thursday (full day recorded) after passing probation.
  • Visa sponsorships after 2 years.
  • Request a car allowance after 2 years.
  • Bonuses after Christmas every year.
  • Bonuses on successfully training your juniors to become an independent Decorator or Baker. 

Partner Path

Regardless of your overall tenure in the industry, on your 3rd year anniversary with us as a senior in either positions, you may be eligible to become a Partner of the business as you are an integral part of managing our operation and should benefit in the success of the team. Partners can negotiate higher base pay or access to larger bonuses or profit-share, or opt to manage new potential locations as a part owner. We do not offer franchising. And we do not offer partnerships based off monetary contributions, only merit.

Part time and full time only. No casual.

Skills required:

1. Chiffon baking or cake decorating with quality, and consistency.

2. Work cleanliness & personal hygiene 

3. Clear communication and respect and courtesy for your team members

Positions Available: Junior Cake Decorator & Baker

If you just graduated from patisserie school or want to transition into a commercial kitchen from a home kitchen, please also feel free to reach out with your CV and please be specific with the skills that you wish to learn or improve on.

If not sure, please specify "All rounder" in email subject line.


Your CV will be sent to senior bakers, and decorators for review as their potential assistant. Seniors are incentivised to teach your to the best of their ability.


If after considering, you are interested in interviewing, please email us at hello@enze.com.au with your interested position in subject line, CV attached. 

Interview consists of a 1 hour demo where you will be asked to decorate or perform tasks in line with your chosen position. You will be given an opportunity to negotiate your pay and benefits if passed (same day). If not selected, please reapply again when you are ready to interview.